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Nuclear transportation made easy.

Secured Transportation Services is the leading transportation coordinator of Spent Nuclear Fuel in North America, backed by decades of experience and a proven track record of excellence.

What We Do

Project management

Turnkey project management solutions for all shippers of radioactive and nuclear material, nuclear facility operators, cask vendors, and transportation providers.

Freight brokerage and transport coordination

Logistics management for specialized freight from radioactive sources to spent nuclear fuel.

transportation consulting services

Transportation logistics and security experts with decades of experience can provide evaluation, analysis, audits, training, or simply advice.

conceptual design

Full in-house 3-D CAD modelling capability, engineering drawing, custom part designs, and prototype fabrication.

We create solutions.

About Secured Transportation Services

STS was founded in 2005 by Blake Williams and Roy Boyd who recognized the need for a unifying force in nuclear transportation. Since then, STS has proven to each of its clients that we can save them time and save them money through innovation, coordination, and above all execution. STS gets the job done safely, efficiently, on time and on budget.

Each project receives our highly personalized approach and full wealth of combined experience. Our personnel have completed projects in more than 40 countries, providing us the knowledge on how to navigate the varying regulatory requirements, physical challenges and political landscapes both inside and outside of the United States.

Our company currently holds the approvals for more than 90% of the active U.S NRC approved Spent Fuel routes in the USA.

In addition to transportation logistics, STS supports the U.S. Department of Energy, National Laboratories, the U.S. Department of State, IAEA, and numerous commercial entities in the USA and around the world.   Our business partners include fabrication vendors, cask vendors, transportation providers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and federal & state law enforcement agencies.

For a list of our capabilities, please visit our services page.


Our Certifications

  • DOT and IATA Hazmat Shipping certified: function specific, safety, basic and in-depth security.
  • Radiation Worker per 10 CFR 835
  • High contamination & airborne radioactivity training per 10 CFR 835
  • DOS-FACT Training for Overseas Deployment
  • U.S DOE High Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HTSOS)

Meet the staff at STS

Roy Boyd STS President

Roy Boyd


Roy Boyd STS President

Greg Phillips

Vice President STS Knoxville Office

Roy Boyd STS President

Mathew King

Vice President STS Buford Office

Roy Boyd STS President

Rosa Maldonado

Office Manager STS Buford Office

Roy Boyd STS President

Mike Mosley

Senior Project Manager

Roy Boyd STS President

Billy "BC" Hunt

Project Engineer

Consultants and Special Projects

  • William Brunsdon Ph.D. – Vulnerability Analysis and Transport Security Expert
  • Mark Yeager – Regulatory Affairs Expert
  • Tyrone Harris – Nuclear Engineering and Technical Expert
  • Richard McGinley – Health Physics Support
  • Mac Zumhoff – Radiation Technician Support

Our proven track record of excellence.

“My Company and I have worked with STS for many years on many projects , both large and small, and in EVERY case they have always been spot on with whatever their scope was.

As Project coordinators , they are exceptional at communication between participants , and are a huge part of keeping things together.

I would highly recommend them for any of their services that they offer.

All top-notch people to work with.”

Mark McDermott

National Operations Manager, Tri-State

STS has received evaluations of “very good” to “exceptional” on all past U.S Government contracts.

US Government Contracts